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Google Doodle celebrates NASA satellite Juno reaching Jupiter

Juno successfully enters Jupiter's orbit and Google is there to congratulate the NASA team with a pixelated, animated doodle.

Hurrah! NASA's Juno satellite gets the Google Doodle treatment!

To honor NASA's Juno spacecraft entering Jupiter's orbit, Google illustrated the successful mission with a animated doodle honoring the team who worked hard to get us our first color images of the gas giant.

The Juno mission aims to take new measurements and photos with the nine instruments aboard the 3,500-pound satellite.

Juno will spend 20 months making 37 trips around the planet. Even cooler, NASA is allowing the public to choose how the spacecraft's JunoCam takes color photos.

Juno sent back its first photograph of Jupiter last week, as well as a spooky audio track as it crossed into the planet's magnetic field. We can't wait to see what other data and images Juno sends back during its mission.

In the meantime, enjoy this adorable animated doodle celebrating NASA's impressive achievement. "Today's Doodle celebrates this incredible moment of human achievement," Google posted. "Bravo, Juno!"