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Google Docs and Sheets now include third-party add-ons

The company announces integrations from outside developers that let people use features and tools from the likes of Avery and Mailchimp.

Google, Screenshot by Richard Nieva/CNET

Google on Tuesday announced the launch of add-on features for Google Docs and Sheets.

The launch opens up the software to work with outside developers, who will be able to offer up integrations that can help with specific tasks, like printing labels or sending customized emails. Like an app store, the idea is to give users access to tools that other engineers have dreamed up, instead of only having to rely on what Google has built.

To add on, well, an add-on, open up a Google doc or spreadsheet, click on the "Add-on" menue, and click "Get add-ons..." You can then browse through the list and install.


Among the add-ons available at launch are Avery Label Merge, which lets you import addresses or names from Sheets into Docs for printing. There's also the EasyBib Bibliography Creator, which installs a side menu to a document where users can plug in information to properly populate a citation. A Mailchimp integration lets you pull info from a spreadsheet to a doc to create customized email messages.

There are about 30 add-ons available now, but Google says there are more on the way.

Google recently has been making a push with its productivity products. On Monday, the company announced a bounty program for its enterprise suite of apps, offering a $15 reward to people for every new user they sign up.