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Google+ custom URLs roll out for average users

Previously available just for brands and businesses, the vanity URLs will now be an option for all Google+ users who fit certain minimal criteria.


All Google+ users will now be able to customize their profile page with a vanity URL, assuming they meet three conditions.

Custom URLs are are short and easy to remember Web addresses that link directly to your Google+ page, Google senior VP of engineering Vic Gundotra said in a Google+ post on Tuesday. As such, they can replace a cumbersome URL with a long string of numbers, such as, with a shorter, snappier URL, such as

How can you snag a custom URL? You must meet three conditions: 1) you must have a profile photo; 2) you must have at least 10 followers; and 3) your account must be at least 30 days old.

Assuming you fit the bill, you can sign up for a custom URL via a "Get a custom URL" button on your Google+ page. If the button doesn't yet appear, Gundotra said not to worry. The option is expanding this week and will pop up as soon as your custom URL is ready.

As always, any brand or business that has a linked Web site or is a verified local business can snare a custom URL for its Google+ page.