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Google combines shopping and entertainment in experimental Shoploop app

Shoploop lets you scroll through 90-second video clips to find new beauty products.

Google experimental app Shoploop lets you discover new beauty products by swiping through videos.

Google's startup incubator, Area 120, launched Shoploop on Thursday, an experimental mobile app that puts entertainment and shopping in one place. 

Shoploop lets you scroll through 90-second video clips with the aim of discovering new products in an entertaining way, Google said. You can also follow Shoploop creators and share their videos with friends and family. 

Once you find a product, Shoploop gives you the option to either save or purchase it from the merchant's website. Google said Shoploop is currently focusing on beauty-centered products like makeup, skin care, hair and nails. 

The app was inspired by shoppers jumping between social media and e-commerce sites when looking into new products to buy, Lax Poojary, general manager of Shoploop, said in a blog post. 

Google is the latest of many tech media giants to introduce video shopping features. Facebook and Instagram added online shops to their social media platforms earlier this year. Amazon uses its livestream platform, Amazon Live, on its retail site. YouTube, which is owned by Google, also added shoppable advertisements to its videos last month.