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Google Chrome in '3D'? A VR Cardboard app may make it so

This means interactive web browsing like you've never seen before.

Need a break from sitting on your flattened butt, staring routinely at a screen? New tools built into Google Chrome Beta for Android may make it possible to experience your favorite websites in the virtual world. (So the same thing, really, but different.)

There's already a platform called WebVR that helps developers create websites you can watch in virtual reality. But tech site Road to VR reports that Google's end goal is to let you view all websites in VR -- not just those made specifically for the platform.

The action would take place through a special version of Google's Chrome browser. You'd need Google's inexpensive Cardboard headset or a Google Daydream viewer, as well as a VR-ready device like ZTE's Axon 7 phone, in order to inject some life into all that surfing and clicking.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the company is working to bring the web to VR and pointed to a post early this month from Chromium evangelist Francois Beaufort.

"The team is just getting started on making the web work well for VR," Beaufort wrote, "there's more to come!"

(Via The Verge and Road to VR)

Update, 2:15 p.m. PT: Adds confirmation from Google.