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Google Calendar will stop coworkers from pestering you when you're away

Google Calendar is adding new out of office and customizable working hours features.

Google Calendar on a MacBook.
Taylor Martin/CNET

Google Calendar just made it a little easier to keep your work-life balance

The scheduling platform on Wednesday announced new out of office and customizable working hours features -- making it easier to mark when you'll be working.

Thanks to its new out of office feature, you can indicate that you'll be unavailable when creating an event. Google Calendar will make an event that looks different than normal events, and automatically declines meetings that occur during this period. You can customize your decline message, too.

Google shows how to add an out of office event.


Another new feature allows you to customize and restrict your working hours on a day-by-day basis. People who try to schedule a meeting outside of these designated work hours will be informed you're not available.

How to set up your working hours.


These updates are intended for G Suite customers. Google says they will start rolling out in the next two weeks.