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Google by the numbers: Here's what I/O revealed

Google executives took to the stage Wednesday to unveil a bevy of new products. They also shared some stats on how the company's been doing lately.


Executives at Google's I/O 2016 developer conference said the Google Play store has logged more than 65 billion app downloads.

CNET/James Martin

Google's a company that deals with great scale.

For instance, it has seven different products that serve a billion users -- each. So it's no surprise that the online search giant would use Wednesday's keynote address at its annual I/O developer conference as a platform to showcase its progress in a few more numbers.

Here are the most interesting statistics thrown out at the event:

  • 200 million people per month are using its online photo service, Google Photos.
  • 50 percent of search queries come from phones.
  • 25 percent of search queries are voice queries.
  • 25 million Chromecast devices sold.
  • 65 billion downloads of apps from its Google Play store.
  • More than 600 Android smartphone models have launched this year.
  • 12 partners on Android Wear, including brands like Tag Heuer and Michael Kors.
  • 100 Android Auto car stereo models are in the market, and there will be another 100 "on the way by the end of the year," said a Google exec.
  • More than 1 billion people are using the Chrome browser on mobile devices every month.
  • 72 new emojis launched, including better representations of working women.
  • 50 million Cardboard-enabled apps installed since the virtual reality platform launched two years ago.

This article also appears in Spanish. Read: Los números de Google: esto es lo que se dio a conocer en I/O