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Google brings touch features to Chrome Canary

The browser update includes the ability to scroll backward or forward with the slide of a hand.


Google's Chrome Canary -- a browser version that's available, but still under development -- is adding touch-friendly features to the software, according to The Verge.

The browser now includes a slide-to-navigate option that will allow users to swipe across the display to either go forward or back. Like mobile operating systems, swiping to the left in Chrome Canary takes users to the next page, while swiping to the right will take them to a previous page.

In addition, the browser comes with an "enable pinch scale" option that lets users pinch their fingers together on the screen to zoom in and out.

Though Chrome Canary is available for download, Google cautions that only early adopters and developers should try it because it's still unstable and could crash without warning.