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Google brings grammar suggestions to Spanish Google Docs

Google AI-powered features are designed to make writing easier and error-free.

Google is expanding its grammar suggestions feature in Google Docs to Spanish.
Angela Lang/CNET

Google announced Tuesday that it's expanded its grammar suggestions feature in Google Docs to support Spanish.

Google touts its assistive writing features such as Smart Compose and grammar suggestions as helping to remove the roadblocks to getting your ideas out faster and more accurately while writing in Google Docs. Previously available only in English, the Google AI-powered features are designed to help users write more confidently by eliminating spelling and grammar errors.

How it works with Google Docs in Spanish:


"Starting today, when you write in Spanish within Docs, you'll see grammar suggestions powered by our leading neural network and Translate technologies," Google said in a blog post. "And if you switch between Spanish and English, Docs will auto-detect the language you are typing and surface suggestions accordingly."

Spelling autocorrect, a feature that Google introduced to Docs last year that uses Google search to learn new words and phrases, will be added to the Spanish version later this year. Smart compose, which helps reduce spelling and grammatical errors, will also be added to Spanish later this year.