Google boosts Assistant, search and Maps to help you order food

Google is teaming up with delivery services so you can get your next meal without having to open another app.

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Integrating food delivery is Google's latest bid to expand its popular services. 

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Hungry? Google wants to help. 

In a series of updates Thursday, the search giant is adding features to Google Assistant , Maps and its classic search to help you get your next meal. 

Partnering with delivery services including DoorDash, Postmates, Delivery.com, Slice and ChowNow, Google is enabling users in the US to order directly from search, Maps or Assistant as opposed to having to go to the respective apps for the restaurants of choice. 

An "order online" button will appear in search or Maps when the restaurant you're looking for uses one of those services. Google says other services like Zuppler will be "coming soon."

You don't need to have an account with any of the services to place an order and can instead simply use your Google account. 

Menus are all displayed in the apps, with Google also showing the minimum each service requires and the respective delivery fees. The ordering process is largely similar to the standalone apps, with options available to enter promo codes and change credit cards if needed at checkout. 

Ordering food from Google search


The entire ordering experience is done through any of the three Google services. Food can be delivered or picked up. Google Pay, the company's rival to Samsung Pay and Apple Pay , will also be able to handle payment.

Placing a delivery order with Google Assistant


Android and iOS users with the Google Assistant app can place orders or reorders using their voice by saying "Hey Google, order food from [restaurant]" or "Hey Google, reorder food from [restaurant]."

Integrating food delivery is Google's latest bid to expand its popular services, building on the company adding the ability last year to call an Uber or Lyft using Assistant. Google Maps allows you to see how much a ride would cost, but to order an Uber or Lyft you need to head to the respective app.