Google Assistant just got way better at recognizing which songs are playing

So did Google Search app and Android phones.

Marrian Zhou Staff Reporter
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Marrian Zhou

Sound Search is integrated into Now Playing to enable music recognition against tens of millions of songs. 


Now you can identify tens of millions of songs.

On Friday,  Google  said it has integrated its Sound Search function into Now Playing, a music recognition feature, to faster and more accurately and faster match songs. Sound Search works on Google's Search app, Google Assistant or any Android phone. 

To use the service, start a voice query. If there's music playing near you, the app or device will ask, "What's this song?" Clicking on a pop-up will start the identification process. You can also ask, "Hey Google, what's this song?" 

The music recognition technology gives each audio piece a unique "fingerprint" that is compared against a database, according to a Google blog post. Sound Search is a server-side system so it isn't constrained by storage or processing capacity, enabling the possibility of matching against tens of millions of songs.

"We still think there's room for improvement though — we don't always match when music is very quiet or in very noisy environments, and we believe we can make the system even faster," Google wrote in the blog post. "We are continuing to work on these challenges with the goal of providing the next generation in music recognition."

Google declined to comment beyond the blog post.