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Google Allo gets smarter with its smilies

Google Allo hasn't been on the messaging scene for long, but some new features announced today might tantalize people to make the switch.


Google said Wednesday that some new features are coming to Allo, the company's recently released chat app.

The biggest new change to Allo is a feature Google calls Smart Smiley, which predicts the most relevant emojis and stickers you might need based on the words you type. For example, if you type out cheeseburger, Allo will present you with the hamburger emoji. Or, you'll get the slice of pizza emoji by typing the word pizza.

The new feature is the latest to come to Allo, which was the first product to showcase the Google Assistant, a digital helper akin to Apple's Siri or Amazon's Alexa. The company thinks of the Assistant as the next evolution of Google's iconic search engine.

Along with Smart Smiley, the company announced that you'll now be able to bring J.K. Rowling's "Fantastic Beasts" into your messages, with a whole line of themed stickers. Google also said it's now easier to find new sticker packs in the app. When a friend sends you a sticker from a pack you don't have, you can tap on the sticker to download the whole pack.

Finally, to personalize your chats, Google added themed backgrounds so you can better illustrate your mood.

Google says it is starting to roll out these features Wednesday, but they will become available world wide over the next few days.