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Google+ adds photo editing, What's Hot, Ripples and Apps

Google+ has added nifty photo editing, a new What's Hot section, Google Apps support and Ripples, for tracking reaction to your posts.

Are you on the Google+ bus? A whole bunch of new features have just been added to tempt you away from Facebook and Twitter.

The coolest new feature is a clever picture-editing tool in the photo section. Powered by photo editor PicNik, the Creative Kit feature lets you crop, rotate and adjust your pictures, and add special effects filters. You can even give your subject a tan by simply waving your mouse over their face -- the computer does the rest.

The next new features are What's Hot and Ripples, which show you news or posts that are exciting your friends, and how people are reacting to stories. What's Hot does what it says on the tin, rather like Twitter's trending topics, but Ripples is really nifty, tracking the conversations and reactions around your post.

Uh. Funktastic. Yeah. Uh.

Initially open to limited numbers of users, Google+ opened to the great unwashed in September and has now been estimated to have 40 million-odd users. This week the network was opened up to people who use Google Apps, the business and education software suite used by corporate overlords like the suits upstairs in CNET Towers. That means Apps users such as ourselves will find it much easier to use Google+ on a daily basis.

Google plans a tool to help Apps users move their existing circles from personal accounts into their Apps account, although we don't know when that will happen.

Companies such as your friendly neighbourhood CNET UK will also be able to set up brand pages -- Google+ devotees will no longer miss out on the hi-larity of our Facebook page.

Incidentally, is it Google+ or Google Plus? Or both, depending on your mood? We're going with the short version for now.

The most recent set of new features to be added to Google+ include phone calls and experts.

Are you a Google+ fan -- or does the thought of another social network leave you nonplussed? Tell us your thoughts in the comments, post on our Facebook page or go nuts sharing this story on Google+ itself.