Google Adds Bolded Results to Quoted Searches

Putting search terms in double quotes will be more visible in Search.

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The search giant is making quoted search easier to spot. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

Google Search is getting a slight improvement for people who type double quotes when placing queries. The tech giant said after evaluating user feedback, it's bolding text within Google Search with words or phrases that a person places within quotes, according to a blog post Thursday. 

Specifically, snippets, the lines of text that appear under a search result, will now feature a portion of the article right into search, bolding the specific quoted word or phrase. 

For example, if someone searches for "Galaxy Z Fold 4" in quotes, Google will return results with that specific phrase bolded, showing where it appears in the article. This can make search faster for users, as they can see whether the relevant information they're looking for is in the article before clicking on it. 

Google quotes in search

If your Google search includes quoted text, your result will have that text bolded.


Google said it didn't always do this in the past, as the phrase a person might be looking for could appear in the menu for a page. For some, a snippet about a menu button may not be useful. 

Bolding is only available to desktop users. Google didn't say if or when bolded quoted queries would come to mobile. 

When asked for comment, Google pointed to its blog post.