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Google adds a search box to its RSS Reader

Google Reader finally gets that pesky search box.

Google has added a handy search box to its popular Reader service. The new box sits snack dab on the top of the Google Reader screen and lets you search through any entries from your subscribed blogs. There's a handy drop down menu to sort what types of items you want to search though, including read and starred items, along with your folders and subscriptions.

This is a helpful addition to people who want to sort their news. While jumping from feed to feed in Google reader isn't tough, there really hasn't been a way to sort types of stories short of tagging and sorting them manually.

Hopefully this isn't the only nice surprise from Google today. We're expecting more news out of the Mountainview-based company later today.

You can now search through your hundreds of Google Reader feeds Official Google Blog
[via Official Google Reader blog]