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Google adds a new way to share GIFs right from Google Images

One less step for sharing GIFs.

Google is bringing GIFs to image searches. 

Google wants to make it easier to share GIFs. 

On Thursday the search giant introduced a new feature to allow people to share GIFs directly from Google Images from mobile devices. Utilizing its ownership of GIF sharing service Tenor -- which Google purchased last year -- a new "share" tab will be added when users search for GIFs on Google Images to quickly send those GIFs to apps like WhatsApp, Gmail, Android Messages or Google Hangouts

Google will also pull in GIFs from "streaming services, movie studios and the YouTube community," with the company adding that the GIFs that appear will be "based on how likely they are to be shared." 

The new feature will begin rolling out in the Google app on iOS and Android today as well as in the Chrome browser on Android. Google says it will bring the feature to all mobile browsers "over time."