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GoGrid launches Cloud Computing management API

Managing Cloud resources takes on a new design with a REST-like API.

GoGrid has gotten a lot more interesting over the last few months, going from what we had previously called Utility Computing to more of a full-on Cloud approach.

GoGrid delivers true "Control in the Cloud" by combining many of the familiar features of dedicated server or managed hosting with the flexibility and scalability of cloud server hosting
GoGrid REST API GoGrid

One of the more interesting (and I believe relatively new) aspects of the GoGrid solution is a REST-like API to programmatically control your infrastructure over the internet.

At the core of REST (representational state transfer) is the concept of resources which are assigned a global identifier (a URI) allowing said resources to be utilized through standard interfaces. The poor man's (non-geek) explanation is that REST lets you interact with almost anything through HTTP.

It's pretty interesting to see the smaller, bleeding edge vendors figure this stuff out before the BigCo's. This should put some pressure on those who still seem to be missing the Cloud blimp.

Via TechcrunchIT