GoFundMe Causes let you donate to multiple campaigns at once

You can donate to topics such as animal rescue, mental health, education and more.

Marrian Zhou Staff Reporter
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Marrian Zhou

GoFundMe.org Causes have six topics you can support and donate to. 

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GoFundMe has a new charity initiative.

The popular fundraising platform on Thursday launched GoFundMe.org, an independent public charity, and GoFundMe.org Causes, which allows donors to support different causes through one organization.

"We're dedicated to bringing more people together to support causes they care about," Raquel Rozas, chief marketing officer at GoFundMe, said in a release. "By working with our non-profit arm, GoFundMe.org, we're providing people the opportunity to give to one topic they're passionate about rather than having to pick just one fundraiser to support."

GoFundMe.org Causes has six topics people can support and donate to -- animal rescue, mental health, environment, K-12 classrooms, veterans and kid heroes. Instead of donating to one single campaign, the charity allows people to support one topic in general.

Usually people use GoFundMe to fund their own campaigns, but the fundraising platform itself sometimes launches campaigns as well. In January, GoFundMe started the Government Shutdown Direct Relief Fund to help employees affected by the shutdown.

GoFundMe.org is the new version of the Direct Impact Fund, which was a charity launched in 2017 to support people who were affected by natural disasters and other causes.