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Get inside London's Westminster Abbey on Google Street View

​One of the UK's most hallowed buildings -- and biggest tourist attractions -- is now open for a virtual tour.

Walk through the history of England without leaving home.
Screenshot by Kent German/CNET

If you fancy a stroll through Westminster Abbey, but can't afford a ticket to London, now you can open Google Street View instead. The centuries-old Gothic church, which has played host to royal wedding and funerals and the coronation of monarchs, was recently added to Google Street View, giving viewers a full tour of the rich interior and the history inside.

Starting at the front doors you can walk the length of the Abbey's vast nave while visiting sights like the Coronation Chair, the High Altar and the Grave of the Unknown Warrior. A bonus of a virtual visit is that you're the only tourist in the place and you can skip the £20 entrance fee (around $25 or AU$35). If you like, you can even take a stroll down the aisle while humming the Wedding March.

The Street View tour also is available on Westminster Abbey's website, which adds pop-up facts about the various sights inside as shot and recorded by Striking Places. Other renowned interiors on Google Street View include the White House, the Palace of Versailles and the Canadian Parliament buildings in Ottawa.