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Go figure: Google adds calculator to search results

Now when you type calculations into the Google search box, you'll get a calculator that'll let you do math to your heart's content.

Google's new calculator.
Google's new calculator. Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

Google has added a calculator to its search results.

When you type a formula into its search box, Google now will spit out the answer in a new calculator that it has brought to its results. Once the calculator is displayed, you can tap numbers and scientific functions to send it a new equation. The search box will also still work for that.

Prior to this addition, Google allowed users to type any equation into its search tool. The search engine would then spit out the answer. However, this is the first time that Google has displayed an actual calculator users can interact with.

Although the calculator might seem like a small addition to its search, Google has slowly but surely made its results pages more of a destination, rather than a way to get somewhere else. Back in May, for example, Google launched its Knowledge Graph, providing facts about 500 million people, places, and things, in relevant query results. The move could reduce its searchers' need to click through to other sites.

(Via The Verge)