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Gmail lets you decide the fate of your account when you die

Google's Inactive Account Manager is a digital will to send your personal data to family or friends when you head to the pearly gates.

While pondering the afterlife, one thing you may not have considered is the certain fate of your Gmail account, Drive documents and other Google data. 

To solve this, the Big G has created Inactive Account Manager, a kind of digital will that allows you to decide where your data ends up once you kick the bucket -- whether you want to share it with family and friends, or cremate it completely.

To set it up, head over to your Google account settings and you'll see a new link under Account Management.

Selecting 'Learn more and go to setup' will take you to the full Inactive Account manager page. Here you can choose for Google to alert you if any action is soon to be taken on your account, a timeout period before your account expires, as well as options to notify others in the event of your demise.

Google explained the service in a blog post. "You might want your data to be shared with a trusted friend or family member, or, you might want your account to be deleted entirely," it says. "There are many situations that might prevent you from accessing or using your Google account. Whatever the reason, we give you the option of deciding what happens to your data."

Will you be setting up your digital will, or is the contemplation of mortality too heavy a thought for a Friday afternoon? Let me know in the comments below or over on our immortal Facebook page