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Gmail kills the conversation with option to turn off conversation view

Gmail's conversation view is a love it or hate it feature, like Marmite or Keith Chegwin. Google now gives you the option to kill the conversation.

Gmail has a huge amount going for it: massive storage, a near-sentient spam filter and offline access. But one feature that divides opinion is conversation threading, which groups all the replies to a message into one thread. Fortunately for the haters, Google announced today that conversation view can now be turned off.

In announcing the change, Googler Wiltse Carpenter compares the feature to cilantro -- that's coriander to you and me -- in that people either love it or hate it. Like Marmite, or old people.

Conversation view is dramatically different to Outlook or other traditional email programs' inboxes, which simply list each individual email. Gmail unites all related messages into one entry. It's a handy space-saver, but takes some wrapping your head round when switching to Gmail -- as CNET UK did recently when ditching Microsoft Outlook for Google Apps.

To kill the conversation, head to your settings page and click the button to turn conversation view off. Do you enjoy a good conversation, or do you prefer to keep your messages as separated as the Milibands on polling day? Excuse us, we're off to have a Marmite and coriander sandwich.