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Glassware AWOL in Google Glass update

While the rumored Glassware marketplace for Google Glass was a no-show, the controversial headset's monthly firmware update did come with other useful improvements.

The Google Glass XE10 update introduces transit directions to the headset.

Google Glass' October update introduces some immediately applicable real-world features, but developers will have to wait for the rumored "Glassware" option.

The Google Glass XE10 update comes with transit direction support. As in Google Maps, when you ask Glass for directions, it will give them to you in the most recent format you requested -- driving, walking, biking, or taking public transit. You can now swipe the Directions card until Transit appears.

Links in card notifications from e-mail, tweets, and SMS now can be visited by tapping the card and choosing View Site. Meanwhile, your contact's profile picture will appear in the background as you write a message to your intended recipient.

What's not in the update is the rumored Glassware store, a "legitimate" way to install third-party apps, Google Glass developer Mike DiGiovanni told CNET.

"It started to make sense since Google opened up distribution of the Mirror API Glassware in the past week," he said, explaining why Glassware support was expected.

DiGiovanni said it could be hidden and not activated in XE10, but will take a few days of digging to find out.

Currently, Glass owners must sideload third-party apps, instead of installing them directly from an app marketplace or store as you do with most mobile apps.

Profile picture backgrounds now appear in Google Glass when you write a message to a contact. Google