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Glam Media snags Google exec

Michael Adair is now vice president of corporate development and finance for the woman-oriented publisher.

Michael Adair
Michael Adair Glam Media

Glam Media, a digital content company that hosts hundreds of Web sites, blogs, and online magazines, has hired Michael Adair as vice president of corporate development and finance.

Adair previously was head of sales finance for Google North America, where he "helped lead the team that managed strategic acquisitions responsible for over $3.5 billion in revenue, including dMarc, YouTube, and DoubleClick," Glam Media said in a statement Wednesday. The company said its publications reach more than 10 percent of U.S. women who are 18 or older.

"With his deep operational and corporate development experience from Google, the number one media company, Adair is a strategic resource that will help Glam Media expand its position as the leading vertical network for brand advertisers," said Samir Arora, Glam Media's chairman and CEO, in a statement.