Give your Google Calendar a little love

Google launches Google Calendar listings.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn

Is your Google Calendar looking lonely? Is it filled with boring things like work, family obligations, or vacation plans that loom far, far away? Worse yet, is it sitting there, empty and useless? To spice things up, Google has launched a fairly extensive listing of calendars you can subscribe to. They range from important schedules--like national holidays and Presidential candidates' 2008 touring dates--to things that are bound to fill up your days, like TV listings and DVD releases.

The service is launching with schedules from several large brands like Netflix, Disney, and the NBA. Alternately, you can search through publicly available calendars that other people have published to find anything that hasn't been "featured."

This isn't the first venture into shared calendar directories. One of my personal favorites, and a good resource for Mac users who use iCal, is iCalShare.com. I will give Google credit, though, the one-button click to subscribe is a very nice touch, and very handy for the novice user.

You can now sort through several genres of shared calendars, including TV shows and DVD releases. CNET Networks