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Would you give up sex for cyber peace of mind? (The 3:59, Ep. 143)

We talk about the surprising results of a recent survey, explain why you should care about Qualcomm's next chip and discuss Firefox's new iPhone browser.

You'd be surprised by how many people would stay celibate for the sake of cybersecurity.

Nearly four out of 10 Americans would give up a year of sex in exchange for never fearing an online hack again, according a survey conducted by Harris Poll. While the question is ridiculous, it highlights just how much we worry about the safety of our digital identities. Given the fact that hacks seems to occur every week, we should be concerned.

Ben and I geek out over the fact that Qualcomm's newest flagship processor, the Snapdragon 835, will be made using a 10 nanometer manufacturing technique. (Quick translation: really small means really good for your phone.) We highlight the Quick Charge feature that lets you get five hours of battery life with only a five-minute charge.

Lastly, we talk about Mozilla's latest iPhone browser, the FireFox Focus, which vows to block ads from your tracking your web activities. Mozilla is marketing it as the privacy browser.

The 3:59 gives you bite-size news and analysis about the top stories of the day, brought to you by the CNET News team in New York and producer Bryan VanGelder.

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Would you give up sex for cyber peace of mind? (The 3:59, Ep. 143)


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