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Panda vs. snowman is the showdown we all need to see

You can't spell "snowman" without "hell no, man," or so this Toronto Zoo panda seems to think.

In "Frozen," Anna famously asked sister Elsa if she wanted to build a snowman. But everyone knows the real fun isn't in building something, it's in breaking it. Or so a giant panda named Da Mao seems to think.

The Toronto Zoo posted a video Tuesday of Da Mao taking apart a snowman like Clubber Lang knocking out Rocky, only way cuter. The zookeepers built the panda the snow figure for "enrichment," the YouTube video claims, and it certainly did seem to enrich his ability to Hulk Smash things.

Da Mao climbs little old Frosty, pats it, tears at it, digs his claws into it and seems to eat parts of it. In one hilarious bit, he climbs up on it as if he's playing King of the Hill, then suddenly falls off and gets solidly whacked with the snowman's tumbling head. But don't worry, you can't keep a good giant panda down. He's soon back up again, and promptly takes an even more endearing tumble.

Enjoy the three minutes of holiday hilarity, and let's start campaigning for a new law saying all zoos have to build their animals snow creatures from now on.