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Getting started with the Imgur app for iPhone

Imgur returns to the iPhone with new look, same GIFs.

Matt Elliott/CNET

Spending idle time on your iPhone just got easier. After an aborted effort two years ago, Imgur has again released an iPhone app, letting you browse its assorted collection of GIFs and viral images while you are away from your computer. Because no one should go without lolcats for too long.

The Imgur app is free and designed for the iPhone; there is no iPad version other than using the poorly magnified version of the iPhone app. The design of the Imgur app differs from the Imgur website. Instead of the site's familiar grid, the app presents each image individually; you can swipe sideways to browse its rich carousel of viral oddities. Buttons along the bottom let you browse by Most Viral, User Sub and Random. On the Most Viral view, you can choose to browse by either Popular or Newest.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Tap or swipe up on an image to view it and its comments. When viewing an individual image, there are buttons to share, downvote, upvote, favorite, and a button to report the post or download the image(s). When you scroll down to read the comments, a button appears to let you add your own comment. You can either swipe all the way up on an image to return to the carousel to continue browsing or you can simply pinch with two fingers.

You can't upload images using the app, but such functionality is coming soon, according to Imgur. Imgur also promises new Android app is "coming very soon."