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Get your first month of Paramount Plus for $1 this weekend

If you want to catch up on Star Trek without paying for a full month, this is for you.

Paramount Plus

There are plenty of great things to watch on Paramount Plus, but for many people the big draw is the ever-expanding Star Trek universe. Between the spectacular new live-action series Picard and Discovery, and the excellent animated comedy show Lower Decks, there's a whole lot for fans of every age to enjoy. But like most forms of streaming there's a cost, and if you're already paying for two other streaming services it can be hard to justify a third. That's why it's cool that this weekend you can score a month of Paramount Plus for $1 if you sign up through Amazon Prime Channels. 

The whole point of Amazon Channels is to put as many of your streams as possible in a single place. Some of these can be livestreaming broadcast channels, while some use it to gather up all of their apps without needing to bounce around constantly in search of something to watch. The Paramount Plus you get through Amazon Channels is the same you get if you install the app on your phone, only for this one month you don't have to pay the full $10 to access every show. If you decide to keep Paramount Plus after this introductory month, however, the cost will return to the normal rate.

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