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Get the Note 5's screen-off memo feature on older Note devices

Want the screen-off memo feature on your Note 3, Note 4, or Note Edge? Here's an app that can make it happen.

If you have a Note 5, or you've checked out our review of the device, you may have come across the screen off memo feature. This is a setting that will let you write on the device screen as soon as you remove the stylus, without having to unlock it or open a note-taking app. XDA user Xperiacle saw this feature and decided to make it available on the Note 3, Note 4, and Note Edge. Here's how you can get it, too:

  • Make sure that you have third-party app installs enabled on your device.
    Go to Settings > Security > check the box by Unknown sources.

Disclaimer: Installing software from a third-party website means taking risks with your Android device and/or personal information. You will be responsible for any issues caused by the installation, usage, or removal of the software.

  • Head to this XDA thread and grab the latest version of Screen Off Memo at the bottom of the first post.
  • After the download is finished, tap on the notification and you'll be able to install the app.
Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Ready to take a note? Just pop the stylus out and start writing. All notes will be saved to S Note, so if you have that disabled or removed from your device, you may run into issues. If you're done with your note-taking, you can replace the stylus and your writing will be saved automatically.

Xperiacle's app is very similar to Samsung's, but some of the buttons are a bit different in the top right corner, including the ability to create a new note.

Do you like the screen off memo feature? Share your thoughts in the comments.