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Get simple group Twitter updates with Nerdz

A simple Web utility turns your friends Twitter usernames into a simple fading array of information which can be re-ordered via a simple URL hack.

Nerdz is a really simple way to manage a group of your favorite Twitter users. You simply drop in the names of the people you want to keep track of and it pushes their tweets onto a gray background with each tweet fading away as it gets older.

To add more names to your Nerdz list you just add them to the end of the URL, and they'll be re-ordered alphabetically. You can send this link to anyone else as a quick way to give them suggestions of people to subscribe to, or simply use it as a no-software standalone for something like TweetDeck, which is all about making custom lists. Missing, however, is any way to click on their user name or individual tweets to go right to the pages.

Nerdz was created by Aaron Boodman, who is currently a programmer at Google, and more notably the co-creator of the popular Greasemonkey extension for Firefox which is on the cusp of hitting 12 million downloads.

I've put together a quick Nerdz of CNET News people if you want to give it a spin. See also GroupStatus, another Twitter friend organizer which we blogged about back in April.

Nerdz lets you put together several Twitter usernames and see them in one simple stream. CNET Networks