Get ransomware protection with Aomei Backupper Free

This robust backup utility has been tweaked to include WannaCry-specific tools and advice. Plus: A free game and the coolest mobile-charger gizmo ever?

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Rick Broida
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I tend to be pretty cavalier when it comes to anti-virus software, and I feel like because my important documents are constantly synced to OneDrive, I don't really need to make local backups.

That said, this WannaCry ransomware thing is freaky-scary. If you haven't already, be sure to check out CNET's guide to protecting yourself.

While you're at it, maybe grab today's bonus deal (the hard drive) and then start using Aomei Backupper Free, a freeware backup utility that's "specially designed to protect your system and files against ransomware."

Although functionally it's really no different than countless other backup tools, this version does include some information (and how-to help) specific to WannaCry and other ransomware. Specifically, it instructs you on the kind of backup to make if you haven't been affected and what to do if you have:


Aomei Backupper Free has been tweaked to address WannaCry-specific backup needs.

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Backupper Free appears to do just about everything, from incremental or differential file backups to full-system archives. You can preserve individual partitions, create a scheduled, automated backup, perform a straight-up disk clone and more. It'll also create bootable rescue media for you.

I haven't tried the utility myself, so this is simply a notification that this product exists. Now you have one less excuse for why you're not making regular backups. Pair this with any available external storage and save yourself some grief in the future.

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Bonus deal: Last week I shared a pretty amazing deal on a 4TB portable hard drive. If that's more storage than you really need, or you couldn't quite scrape together $100, here's an alternative that's nearly as amazing: Best Buy has the WD Easystore 2TB portable USB 3.0 hard drive for $64.99 shipped (plus tax). That's about what you'd typically pay for a 1TB drive (which, for what it's worth, is currently on sale for $59.99), so this is like getting double the storage for free.

Bonus deal No. 2: Free game! Origin's latest On the House promo nets you a free digital copy of Dead in Bermuda, which strikes me as something akin to The-Sims-meets-"Lost." It's a survival-management strategy/RPG/adventure game set on a post-plane-crash island.

Available for Windows only, it would normally cost you $14.99 if purchased via Steam, though it's currently on sale there for $5.99. Reviews are mostly positive. To get the freebie, you'll need an Origin account and Origin's client software.

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Eight grab-and-go inductive-charging mobile power banks with built-in Lighting and Micro-USB plugs? Yes, please!

Bem Wireless

Bonus deal No. 3: Now this is cool: a mobile-charger station! No, not a mobile-charging station, but a station lined with eight grab-and-go power banks -- each with built-in Lightning and Micro-USB cords! And it's $38 at Meh (plus $5 for shipping), while supplies last. Update: Aaargh! Already sold out. Rats, rats, rats. Sorry, everyone! This literally sold out minutes after I published. I'll definitely look for another deal on it!

As if this thing could get any cooler, each of the eight power banks recharges inductively, meaning you just set one down and, bam, it's ready to go the next day. This strikes me as the perfect item for families, as everyone can just grab a charger on their way out the door.

If there's a bummer at all, it's that each one has a capacity of just 2,600mAh -- not enough to fully recharge most modern phones, but certainly enough to get you through the day.

I suspect these will sell out quickly, so grab one while you can!