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Get Outlook replacement Hiri for free

Normally $39 for a one-year license, this productivity-oriented email client is available for Windows and Mac. Plus: Battlefield 4 for under three bucks!

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Productivity-minded Hiri lets you turn any email into a to-do-list item.


If you're a regular around here, you know very well that there are some great free replacements for Microsoft Office. LibreOffice, WPS Office... shall I go on?

Alas, none of these suites offer a replacement for Microsoft Outlook -- you merely get substitutes for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. That may be fine for some people, but anyone accustomed to using a desktop mail client may have a negative, well, outlook.

Thankfully, there are freebie options, two of the best being Em Client and Thunderbird. But the former limits you to two email accounts, while the latter has an interface only a developer could love.

Ready to try something different? For a limited time, SharewareOnSale has desktop mail client Hiri (for Windows and Mac) for free. That nets you a one-year license, updates and tech support included. Regular price: $39.

I must admit I don't know much about the product. Haven't used it, hadn't actually heard of it prior to today. But I definitely like some of the features, including the omnipresent task list and the ease of dragging emails to that list. I'm a big believer in using my inbox as a to-do manager.

Cooler still, the program aims to improve your productivity by sorting mail into two main groups: Those you need to read, and those that require action.

I wasn't able to find any hands-on reviews of Hiri, but it definitely seems to be designed more for business users and managers than everyday consumers -- though I see no reason why shouldn't try it if you fall into the latter category.

If you've used Hiri before or you decide to give it a try today, hit the comments and share your thoughts!

Bonus deal: Game time! If you love yourself some first-person battlefield action, and you've got a PC with a DVD-ROM drive, here's an old-school deal: Gamestop has Battlefield 4 (physical copy) for just $2.97. There's sales tax, of course, and shipping will run you $5.99 unless there's a store near you that has them in stock. Either way, it's a killer deal on one of the most popular titles in the Battlefield franchise.