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Get notified of Amazon price drops

Deal-finding browser extension Honey just added a super-simple price tracker.

Honey's new DropList feature makes it a snap to get price-drop alerts for anything Amazon sells.
Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

It should come as no surprise that Amazon's product prices fluctuate. Sometimes things go on sale, sometimes the company price-matches a discount elsewhere and sometimes there's just a plain old price-drop.

OK, but how can you find out when this happens? If you're a Chrome user, try installing Honey. Originally just a coupon-code lookup tool, the service now offers an Amazon-specific price tracker called DropList.

Before I explain it, let me backtrack a step to discuss Honey's previous Amazon-specific feature: finding lower prices from other sellers.

Once installed, Honey displays a little badge alongside the selected product's price. At a glance, you can tell whether there's a better deal available. Honey calls this Cart Protection, but the idea is to catch you before you add a product to your cart and present you with a cheaper alternative.

That same extension now includes a second badge: DropList. Just mouse over it and you'll see a pop-up window giving you the option of tracking that product's price for the next 30, 60 or 90 days. Should Honey detect a better deal, you'll receive an email notification.

There are other tools that can do this -- the Camelizer has long been a popular option -- but if you use Honey for anything else, it totally makes sense to leverage this feature as well.

Indeed, the service not only performs these Amazon-oriented price tricks, but also looks up (and, where applicable, automatically inserts) coupon codes on thousands of shopping sites. What's more, it offers a cashback option -- HoneyGold -- as well, potentially saving you from having to click away to the likes of Ebates or TopCashback.

Although Honey itself is available for all major browsers, for the moment DropList is limited to Chrome. It's also limited to Amazon, though the developers plan to "expand DropList to as many online retailers as we can in the coming months."

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