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Get free MP3s in our Music Centre has a new section for the musically minded -- and we're celebrating its launch with a music video of our own. has a new section for the musically minded -- and we're celebrating its launch with a music video of our own.

Need new music but want to go beyond the mainstream stuff? Want it for free -- and not the illegal kind of free? Then head on over to's new Music Centre, where 92,000 tracks from 17,000 independent artists are available for your downloading or streaming pleasure.

Officially launching today, the Music Centre allows artists to upload their tracks free of charge. Visitors to the Centre can download or stream fully licensed music files for nix, and there's no need to sign up for any sneaky subscription services.

To celebrate the launch of the Music Centre, we have made a music video of our own. The recipe was simple: take one hot local band -- Melbourne's The Basics -- choose their catchiest song and convince 25 people in the office to learn a dance routine. Then capture the results on tape and chuck the footage on the Internet.

The result is the video on this page. You'll see some familiar faces in the cast, as well as the onscreen debut of a bunch of personalities who work behind the scenes to keep this Web site chugging along. You'll also get a whirlwind tour around the nooks and crannies of CNET HQ. Enjoy, and head on over to the Music Centre to find the song -- Sound Off -- and thousands of others. (You can also find a Music Centre link on the red tab at the top of any page.)

The Basics
About The Basics
Fresh off the plane from a 26-date tour of Japan, Norway and the UK, this Aussie band is a bobby-dazzler. The Sunday Herald Sun called them "An endless supply of happy, old-school rock goodness", and after dancing in the office kitchen to the snappy Sound Off, we can't help but agree.

You may recognise drummer Wally de Backer from his solo guise -- he is the man behind the ARIA award-winning Gotye. Add Tim Heath and Kris Schroeder and you have The Basics: a group with a joyous sound that somehow manages to be both retro and spanking-new.

Hear more tracks from The Basics on their Music Centre page.