Get a terabyte of cloud storage for $24.99

MediaFire raises the stakes by offering boatloads of Dropbox-style storage for cheap.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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Let's do some math, shall we? A Dropbox Pro account costs $99 per year and comes with 100GB of storage.

As of today, a MediaFire Pro account costs $24.99 per year and comes with 1TB of storage. (For those unfamiliar with abbreviations, that's one terabyte -- 10 times what Dropbox gives you for four times the price.) See? Math can be fun!

True to its name, MediaFire (which has been around since 2005) was designed with media storage in mind: photos, videos, music, documents, and so on. You can also stream, view, and share this stuff to your heart's content by leveraging Web, desktop, and mobile apps.

In other words, it's a lot like Dropbox. In fact, it actually beats Dropbox in one other way, by letting you select desktop folders to sync rather than forcing you to move everything into special sync "buckets."

To be fair, Dropbox totally wins in overall versatility, as it integrates with with tons of other services. Same goes for Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and other competing clouds. But they don't offer anywhere near this much space for the money. So if it's sheer volume you're after, this demands a look.

And, by all means, start with a trial. MediaFire offers free 10GB accounts to all comers, with the option of earning up to 50GB by inviting friends, connecting social media accounts, and so on. If you decide you like it, a Pro account will run you just $2.49 per month, or $24.99 if you prepay for a year.

By the way, in addition to this new, lower pricing, MediaFire rolled out some other goodies today, including an overhauled iOS app (Android updates coming soon) with automated photo/video syncing and enhanced streaming features. (As of press time, the updated app wasn't live, but it should be available shortly.)

At some point soon I'll have to put MediaFire to the test against my current preferred cloud-storage service, Bitcasa. The latter offers the same amount of space in a Premium account, but costs $99 per year. I'd be thrilled to pay one-fourth as much. Your thoughts?

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