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Get a Spotify or Rdio playlist of your Shazams

Shazam now saves all of the songs you've looked up as a playlist for easy listening on either Spotify or Rdio.

Matt Elliott/CNET

Until now, the songs I asked Shazam to identify sat as a curiosity in the Shazam app. After a recent update, however, I can now listen to them as a Spotify or Rdio playlist.

The playlist is created automatically; all you need to do is connect Shazam to either Spotify or Rdio (but not both at the same time, if you subscribe to both). You will also need to be a subscriber to or using a free trial for Spotify or Rdio to connect; free accounts need not apply.

Here's how to connect Shazam to Spotify or Rdio:

  • Update the Shazam app if you haven't already done so.
  • Launch Shazam and tap the My Shazam button.
  • Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner to open Settings.
  • Under Streaming Music, tap either Connect to Rdio or Connect to Spotify.
  • Tap the Play Full Tracks button. (I'm not sure why it is labeled as such; wouldn't a simple Connect button be more clear?)
  • Tap Open when asked if Shazam should open a Spotify or Rdio page in Shazam.
Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

You will be returned to Shazam, connected to your streaming music service of choice. I subscribe to Spotify and when I opened the app connecting within Shazam, I found a new playlist called My Shazam Tracks.