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Get a refund if the price drops on an item you bought on Amazon

You won't find it spelled out on its site, but Amazon offers price protection against its own price fluctuations.

Have you ever purchased an item from Amazon only to notice a short while later that its priced has dropped? If so, then you might be interested in an unpublished policy that Reddit user poorsoi has uncovered.

She asked a simple question: Could she get a refund on a wine rack that dropped about $8 after she purchased it?

The answer? Sure, we'll refund you the price difference of an item, as long as the price drop occurred within seven days of the delivery date. I will now purchase dog food -- an item with a fluctuating price that I buy regularly -- with more confidence.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

I confirmed this policy via my own Amazon chat and also found that it applies only to items sold and fulfilled by Amazon itself.

In terms of matching prices from other retailers, Amazon offers this protection for TVs and cell phones.

(Via Lifehacker)