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'Get a Mac' ads heckle Windows 7 launch

Apple has released a set of new commercials, all designed to upset the launch of Windows 7 and -- to a lesser extent -- highlight the advantages of its own products

Apple has released three new 'Get a Mac' adverts, all designed to upset the launch of Windows 7.

In one spot, 'Broken Promises', the nincompoop PC character, played by John Hodgman, wants to celebrate the "good news" that the newly released Windows 7 won't have the problems of its previous operating systems. The ever-smug Mac character (Justin Long) retorts by saying PC has made the same promises every time it's launched a new OS, triggering a smart-aleck retro montage.

The other two 30-second spots, 'PC News' and 'Teeter Tottering', are basically identical and show XP users (nobody uses Vista?) migrating to Macs from the "pain and suffering" that is Windows.

All three ads deliver a strong message, but we're not convinced it's the one Apple really intended. To us, the latest spots reinforce the perception that these commercials stopped being funny about three years ago, and that Apple has painted itself as a rather elitist company whose most ardent users are smug, arrogant beatniks who deserve a smack in the mouth.*

Have a look at the 'PC News' ad for yourself below, watch the others on Apple's Get a Mac site, then let us know what you think in the comments below.

*Nobody deserves to be smacked in the mouth. A vicious slapping with a wet kipper, on the other hand...