Get a $315 software bundle for $15

From the Cheapskate: The Lifehacker bundle includes nine really good utilities, though you may decide to save a few bucks and opt for seven of them. Plus: a dual-boot 10-inch tablet for $159.99!

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Rick Broida
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I dislocated my pinky yesterday, and although I popped it back into the socket like a manly-man, it's pretty swollen. So I apologize for any typos from the upper-right section of the keyborp.

What I need is a time-saving text-expander utility like Breevy, which lets you type little abbreviations that automatically expand into longer strings of text. Thus, typing "rb" could expand into "Rick Broida," or "sig" could expand into a custom email signature.

Breevy is just one of the utilities included in the Humble Lifehacker Software Bundle, which gives you nine incredibly useful tools for just $15. Total value of the bundle: $315.

Actually, you may decide to merely beat the average purchase price (currently $7.54) and walk away with the second-level tier, which includes seven of the nine tools. I'm not sure the two top-tier additions -- Acronis True Image 2017 (1-year subscription) and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2017 (1-year subscription) -- will appeal to everyone.

I do like two of the items included in that second tier: Cyberghost VPN Premium and password manager Lastpass Premium (both 1-year subscriptions, and both for new users only). But even the first-tier stuff is pretty compelling, including Breevy, Stardock's excellent Deskscapes and Fences and Windows file manager Directory Opus 12.

A portion of your payment -- you decide what portion -- goes to Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, two very worthy charities.

I should note, Cheapskate-style, that you can find free versions of at least some of the items included in the bundle. PhraseExpress, for example, is already handling Breevy-like chores for me. But, as I've said many times before, why not go pro (and/or premium) if you can do so on the cheap?

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It's two, two, two tablets in one.


Bonus deal: Like the idea of a dual-boot tablet? They're pretty scarce around these parts, but China has some. Like this one: For a limited time, Gearbest has the Chuwi Hi10 Pro 2-in-1 10.1-inch tablet for $159.99. That's after applying coupon code HI10PGB at checkout.

Based on a Cherry Trail Z8300 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of expandable storage and a 1,920 x 1,080 display, the Hi10 Pro can boot Android 5.1 or Windows 10. It even has one of those newfangled USB Type-C ports.

I tested the 12-inch version of this a few months back and found it pretty impressive. However, Gearbest is not the best when it comes to delivery (expect to wait a couple weeks) or customer service (if you have a problem, you'll likely have to ship the tablet back at your expense).