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Get a $15 iTunes gift card for $10

It's a no-brainer. If you routinely buy stuff from iTunes, here's a little extra bang for your 10 bucks. Plus: two bonus deals!


Serendipitous timing, cheeps! Today, of course, is the day the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus go on sale (and get delivered to at least some preorderers), and it's also the day Groupon decided to sling some iTunes goodness.

Specifically, while supplies last, Groupon has a $15 iTunes gift card for $10. Regular price: er, $15.

A few important clarifications: First, this is an electronic "card," meaning what you're actually buying is an iTunes code that will plop a $15 credit into your iTunes account. You can use that for anything in the store: music, movies, books, apps, etc.

Second: only one per customer. You can't buy one for yourself and another to give as a gift to your favorite blogger, though that's really sweet of you and I appreciate the thought.

Finally, although there's no physical inventory for Groupon to run out of, the promo page currently shows "limited quantity available" and "over 25,000 bought." They may have 50,000 to sell, they may have 100,000, or they may have more. Whatever the number, deals like these tend to sell out quickly -- so if the new iPhone didn't totally break your bank, grab this quick.

One potential (and annoying) wrinkle: I purchased this same deal last month, and although I'd already redeemed it, Groupon informed me I'd "already exceeded my purchase limit" when I tried to buy it this time around. I'm not sure if there's a glitch in the system or what; hit the comments and let me know if you encounter the same problem. (I reached out to Groupon for clarification; if I get a reply today, I'll pass it along.)

Bonus deal: One thing I miss about older iPhones is the option to dock them, not just for charging, but also for audio. If you feel the same way, today only, Meh has the JBL OnBeat Micro Lightning speaker dock for $18, plus $5 for shipping. It's new, not refurbished, and it can accommodate even the newest, largest iPhones. It originally sold for $99.95(!), and CNET had mostly nice things to say about it . You can get it in black or white.

Bonus deal No. 2: This wasn't meant to be an all-Apple day ("Apple must be paying this joker, like all the other iSheep at CNET," right?), but I couldn't less this pass unmentioned: DailySteals has the refurbished MacBook Air MC969LL/A 11.6-inch laptop for $599 shipped. Although it's an older model (2011), it features a Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD, and most of the other goodies you'd expect. That's some awfully cheap Air -- and that's rare.