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iMessage update makes it easy to add song lyrics to your photos

The Genius app in iOS 10 lets users create a "Lyric Message" that they can share via text, email, Twitter and more.

There are a ton of new features rolling out for iMessage in iOS 10, and Genius wants in on the fun.

I never knew I wanted to use Nicki Minaj lyrics to order McDonald's until now.


An update to the Genius iOS app will make it easier for you to quote Beyonce's wise words to your friends or -- depending on the song, of course -- exes.

The Genius Lyric Messages feature lets you quickly combine the lyrics of a song with a photo of your choice.

Once you have iOS 10 downloaded on your phone (you also have to update the Genius app) you can create a "Lyric Message" within the Genius app and from there you can share it via text, email, Twitter, etc.

It currently only works for iMessage, but a post on the Genius blog says there are plans in the works to make it available for Android. There was no mention of a time frame, however.

I, personally, wasn't planning on updating to iOS 10 until the inevitable bugs were fixed, but now that I can send all of my best friends selfies with Frank Ocean lyrics plastered on them, I might just reconsider that decision.