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​Garmin adds personalized insights to Connect app for Android, iOS

Owners of Garmin's fitness trackers will soon be able to receive personalized smart coaching and feedback on their daily activities.


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Garmin on Tuesday at CES in Las Vegas announced a major change to its Connect mobile app for Android and iOS. The app will soon display personalized feedback and insights based on your activities and provide relevant health tips.

Users of Garmin's fitness trackers and running watches rely on the Connect app to view their activity data. While there are still improvements that could be made, including stability and added simplicity, the addition of smart coaching and feedback will better help Garmin compete with Fitbit and Jawbone.

Wellness insights at launch include sleep analysis, predicted step total and reminders to help users get up and move if they are falling behind on their daily step goal. The app will also includes news articles and videos that will provide users with additional smart coaching, along with congratulatory messages when various milestones have been achieved.

Insights will also be able to show users how their activity data stacks up against the average person in their age and gender group. Garmin has said that at launch this will include benchmarks for step totals, but more comparisons will be arriving soon.

Garmin Connect Insights will arrive as part of a free update to the Garmin Connect app on Android and iOS later this month, with additional wellness features slated to rollout throughout the year.