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Games, multimedia via cable planned

Wave Interactive Network plans to deliver games and multimedia titles to home PCs through television cables.

Wave Interactive Network plans to deliver games, multimedia titles, and business applications to home PCs through television cables and other broadband connections.

The service, dubbed CablePC, will begin a trial in June in Palo Alto, California, and is expected to be rolled out in December. The service will run on a closed network connected to a Wave Interactive Network (WIN) database.

For a monthly fee of about $5, users will be able to browse through a library of software titles, games, and other programming, as well as sample previews. When ready to make a full purchase, users would then pay for a complete download.

WIN plans to provide space on its servers so that content providers can sell their titles, set pricing structures, and arrange various services. For example, game makers could charge users per bullet fired or publishers could charge per article downloaded.

This type of flexibility is possible with WIN's proprietary Wave Meter chip, which would act as a transaction meter that debits charges from an amount set and paid in advance by the user.