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Gadget Love: The best online chocs for Valentine's Day

Is your better half a chocoholic? Feed their habit with our guide to the best chocolates you can order on the Internet

It's no good thinking you're going to get away with bringing home a box of Milk Tray from the local garage this Valentine's Day. Here are some sites that will make you look like you've put some thought into your present.

The best chocs we've found are made by a small family business in Dorset called Chococo. Everything is made using local ingredients where possible, and it does a lovely line in ginger and chilli chocolates. Prices start from £14 for lovey-dovey hearts.

For organic choices, head to The Green Glutton. This sells a selection from high-street names you've probably heard of, like Green & Blacks and Duchy Originals, and one's you probably haven't, like Booja Booja -- and the prices are reasonable.

You'll find a world of confectionary from yesteryear at British Candy. Remember chocolate cigarettes and chocolate tools? You'll find these and other retro-favs here -- including space dust and flying saucers -- for just a few quid a go.

If you want something a little more interactive on the day, try the Chocolate Fountain on sale for £30 at Firebox. Just melt some posh chocolate, turn it on and dip whatever you fancy.

Or for something more upmarket, there's a chocolate-making workshop at Lastminute. Learn how to make truffles, fudge and more over the course of a few hours. The workshop will currently set you back £71 for two people.

Finally, if all that seems too much like hard work, you can always pop over to Thorntons for a wide selection of semi-posh chocs with next-day delivery at a price that won’t bite. Happy Valentine's! -JJ