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Save links, images, and notes to your inbox and phone right from your browser's address bar with Futz.

Futz is a simple reminder and bookmarking service that lets you send sites, images, and notes to your e-mail or mobile phone via your browser's address bar. Registered users simply drop in front of any URL, image, or text and it gets sent as an e-mail, an SMS message, or both.

Users get granular control over the handling of text and links versus images, so you can keep images from being sent to your mobile phone (something that requires your phone to support MMS). Along with grabbing images that are already on the Web, the service can host them for you. If you've got one on your computer, you can drop in a special file command that lets you upload it from your hard drive.

What's really nice about the service (and potentially dangerous to in-box health) is that you can bookmark links and images without having to log in. That also means anyone who knows your username can save links or send you messages.

Futz reminds me a bit of Kwiry, which lets you save Web searches via SMS to view later. It's also reminiscent of Read It Later, in that it encourages you to view links at a later date. In either case, it's lacking one thing that both of those services have: a way to view and manage past items you've sent to yourself. Instead, you have to handle this in your e-mail client, which is not ideal.

Futz turns a few characters in your browser's address bar into an e-mail with the link, or any text you enter. CNET