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From the Web to Google Drive with just the click of a button

Google Drive users can now save files directly from Web sites using the "Save to Drive" button.

Google Drive shows off the new "Save to Drive" button by saving a dental statement from Delta Dental.

Google wants to help you keep track of all the important files you save from the Web. Whether it's a bill, an e-book, or your favorite cat photo, you can now save it to your Google Drive with just one click -- or really two clicks -- of a button.

Drive users can now click the "Save to Drive" button to save files directly from a Web site to their Drive account, the company announced in a blog post Thursday.

"We surf the Web for a million different reasons -- for everything from school research projects to time-killing memes," Nicolas Garnier, developer advocate for Google Drive and Google Apps, said in the blog post. "And when we find something relevant for us, whether that be our most recent pay stub or just an adorably awesome pic, we may want to save it for later reference or to share with friends in the future."

Once you click the Save to Drive button on a Web site that has added the feature, a dialog box pops up asking you to confirm the decision to save the file. Click save again, and the file shows up at the top of your My Drive. The dialog box doesn't let you change the file name or put it in a folder -- you have to wait until the file is in your Drive to make those changes.

The Save to Drive button supports the same browsers on Google Drive on the Web -- Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE9 and IE10.

Google's blog post highlights the fact that some companies are already using the button on their sites, including Bigstock, Delta Dental, Fotolia, O'Reilly, Outbox, and Zen Payroll.