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Friday Poll: Will you try Windows 10?

Early birds are getting a crack at a preview version of Windows 10. Microsoft is emphasizing how far the new OS is from Windows 8. Are you curious enough to give it a shot?

Windows 10 preview
The Windows 10 preview welcomes back the Start menu. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Microsoft has a unified vision for its Windows operating system that involves the same OS running across any device, from smartphones on up to desktops. It took a solid stab at this concept with Windows 8, but ended up alienating many Windows users who didn't like the introduction of a tiled interface and the lack of a normal Start menu. Many Windows 8 features seemed better suited for touchscreens, leaving people with nontouch desktops and laptops feeling uncomfortable. Microsoft is hoping to leave all those bad memories behind with the introduction of Windows 10 .

The wider world won't get Windows 10 until sometime in 2015, but intrepid fans and developers can get in on the Windows Insider Program and try out an early preview build. Microsoft is specifically inviting PC experts and IT pros to give it a try. Users will get access to the latest builds and be able to share feedback. Most people will simply opt to wait for the official release.

Since Windows 10 is in such an early stage, it's hard to pass judgement on it. There could be considerable changes made to the OS before it comes out for the public. As far as enticing customers to upgrade, Microsoft should probably just focus on a simple message like "Windows 10: Here's your Start menu back."

I'm one of those people who decided to skip Windows 8. I'm currently running Windows 7 on my desktop and I'm happy with it. However, Windows 10 has piqued my interest. It seems like Microsoft is trying to distance itself from the weirdness of Windows 8 by skipping 9 and heading right into double digits. I'm OK with that. I'll confess. I like my Start menu. I like it sitting over in the corner, just chilling out until I need it to expand.

I'm likely to hang on to 7 for quite a while, but if I end up upgrading my machine, I would be willing to jump into the world of 10 and give it a shot. Are you with me or are you vowing to not go anywhere near Windows 10? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.