Free 20GB iCloud storage to end 30 September for MobileMe

The free 20GB of storage Apple offered MobileMe users in iCloud is set to end this month, so get backing up or start shelling out.

Harry Theobald
2 min read

From 30 September, former MobileMe customers who benefitted from free 25GB iCloud storage when the service was switched off last year, will see their online Apple storage reduced to 5GB -- just like the rest of us plebs.

Former MobileMe-ers were forced into migrating to the iCloud service last year. If you are one of those affected, Apple told users in an email, "Your iCloud storage will be reduced to 5GB on 30 September 2012. However, you are currently using more than 5GB.

"Unless you take action before your downgrade takes effect, backups to iCloud will stop, and apps will no longer be able to save documents to iCloud. You can either free up storage or cancel your downgrade to keep your current storage plan for another year."

Apple had initially warned the extra storage would be shut down on 30 June, but in a turnaround it extended it to the end of September instead.

If affected, Apple suggests you free up your storage down to the incoming 5GB cap, or shell out for additional bytes. In the UK, additional iCloud storage will set you back £14 per year for 10GB (15GB in total), 20GB (25GB in total) will cost £28 per year, and 50GB (55GB in total) is priced at £70 per year.

Remember that in addition to this storage, all music, movies, TV shows, apps and books purchased through the iTunes or App store are kept at no cost and do not eat into your subscribed data.

All of which sounds fair enough to me -- 5GB is the same as Google Drive, while Microsoft's SkyDrive offers 7GB for free. Just make sure you backup your iDevices through your Mac or PC before the deadline hits, otherwise you could find yourself missing some beloved photos or important documents.

Are you one of those affected? Have you been informed about the switch or is this new to you? Go and backup, then let me know what you think down on the comments below or over on Facebook.