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Fox says it's first to embed scripted TV clips in tweets

As part of Twitter's Amplify program, the TV network will include highlights from shows like "Glee," "Bones," "Master Chef," and others in tweets.

Fox said Thursday that it will soon begin embedding clips from some of its popular TV shows in tweets.

As part of Twitter's Amplify program, which allows advertisers, broadcasters, and others to include video clips in tweets, Fox will be posting highlights from shows like "Glee," "The Mindy Project," "So You Think You Can Dance," and others. The video clips will be accompanied by ads from Fox partner American Express.

In a release, Fox said that the move is the first for scripted entertainment. Until now, Amplify has been used in large part by TV networks to promote things like sports, news, and other unscripted content.

Among those using Amplify are CNET parent CBS, the BBC, the NFL, and many others.

Fox's deal with AmEx is just the kind of arrangement that Twitter is looking for as it works to boost advertiser commitment. The social network went public earlier this month, and though its IPO was successful, it faces concerns that it has never made a profit.